Friday, April 10, 2015

You Can't Go If You Don't Know! - 2018 Texas Convention Guide

Welcome to the Convention Awareness Project - Texas 2018 convention list!  

Click on the name of any show to be linked to that convention's website for further information.  The 2018 listings have only just started to be confirmed, so expect this page to be updated repeatedly in the coming weeks and months.

Updated February 16, 2018

2018 Listings

This Weekend:
16-18 ConDFW XIV (Fort Worth, TX)
16-18 Ushicon (Round Rock, TX)
17 Creekview Comic-Con (Carrollton, TX)
17 DFW GI Joe & Action Figure Swap Meet (Carrollton, TX)
17-18 Cyber City Con (San Antonio, TX)

23-25 OwlCon XXXV (Houston, TX)
24 DFW Funko & Collectible Swap (Grand Prairie, TX)
24-25 Lubbock-Con (Lubbock, TX)
25 February Comic and Toy Con (Haltom City, TX)

North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
3-4 Lost in Wonderland Festival (San Antonio, TX)
10 Mini A-Kon (Lewisville, TX)
10 Women of Wonder Con (Dallas, TX)
10-12 RevelCon 28 (Houston, TX)
15-18 All-Con 2018 (Addison, TX)  ** New Hotel! **
16-18 Aselia Con 2018 (Irving, TX)
16-18 Permian Basin Comic Con (Midland, TX)
16-18 Texas Pinball Festival (Frisco, TX)
23-25 RevelCon 29  (Houston, TX)
24 Fanboys Comic Con (White Settlement, TX)
24 Gulf Coast Toy Show (Houston, TX)
24 Retrofest 5 (River Oaks, TX)
24 Weatherford 90's Palooza (Weatherford, TX)
29-April 1 HavenCon 4 (Austin, TX)
30-April 1 Anime Matsuri (Houston, TX)
30-April 1 Houston Pop Culture Expo (Houston, TX)

6-8 Fan Expo Dallas (Dallas, TX)
North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
7-8 MAG Con 8 (New Caney, TX)
13-14 South Campus Anime Convention 3 (Fort Worth, TX)
13-15 El Paso Comic Con (El Paso, TX)
13-15 Yellow City Comic Con (Amarillo, TX)
14-15 Retropalooza San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
27-29 South Texas Comic Con (McAllen, TX)
28-29 3rd Annual Traders Village Comicon (Houston, TX)

4-6 ChupacabraCon (Austin, TX)
4-6 Kameha-Con (Irving, TX)
4-6 Texas Frightmare Weekend (DFW Airport, TX)
Mini-Mini Con 2016 (San Antonio, TX)
North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
5-6 Kilgore Geekend (Kilgore, TX)
12 Eckman's Toy Show (San Antonio, TX)
19 Rec-Con (Corpus Christi, TX)
25-27 Comicpalooza (Houston, TX)
25-27 Con of Thrones (Dallas, TX)

2 North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
7-10 A-Kon 29 (Fort Worth, TX)
7-10 North Texas RPG Con 2018 (Irving, TX)
9-10 Collector Mania VII (Pharr, TX)
16-17 Greater Austin Comic Con (Austin, TX)
23-24 Corpus Christi Comic Con (Corpus Christi, TX)
29-July 1 AnimeCTX (Austin, TX)
30-July 1 Countdown City Comic Con (San Antonio, TX)
30 ArlingCon (Arlington, TX)

North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
7-8 Sci-Fest (San Antonio, TX)
13-15 Delta H Con (Houston, TX)
27-29 Anime Austin (Austin, TX)
27-29 Let's Play Gaming Expo (Irving, TX)
28-29 Animania Wichita Falls 2018 (Wichita Falls, TX)
28-29 Classic Game Fest (Austin, TX)
28-29 Retropalooza Houston (Houston, TX)

3-5 RTX 2017 (Austin, TX)
4-5 Ama-Con 2017 (Amarillo, TX)
North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
10-12 LeakyCon 2018 (Dallas, TX)  Note SOLD OUT
17-19 Geekfest (Killeen, TX)
17-20 AnimeFest (Dallas, TX)
18-19 Halloween and HauntFest Show (Mesquite, TX)
31-September 2 Hub City Comic Con (Lubbock, TX)
31-September 2 San Japan 11 (San Antonio, TX)

North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
8-9 Staple!  The Independent Media Expo (Austin, TX)
21-23 FenCon XV (Irving, TX)
28-30 Cult Classic Convention (Bastrop, TX)
29-30 Granbury Paranormal Expo (Granbury, TX)

5-7 Realms Con (Corpus Christi, TX)
North Dallas Toy Show (Farmers Branch, TX)
12-14 San Angelo Comic Con (San Angelo, TX)
12-14 Texas BROADSIDE! (LaPorte, TX)
13 Eckman's Toy Show (San Antonio, TX)
19-21 Dallas Fan Days (Irving, TX)
26-28 Alamo City Comic Con (San Antonio, TX)

8-9 Nerdtacular (San Antonio, TX)