Monday, January 7, 2013

You Can't Go If You Don't Know! - January/February Edition

As the slogan for this site reminds, "You Can't Go If You Don't Know!"  And it is with that axiom in mind that I present a listing of conventions and shows that are coming up in Texas in the remainder of January and all of February.   If you are aware of any conventions that are not on the following lists that occur over the next two months, please contact me with details.

January has seen one convention come and go but still has much to offer.  The Gray Ball is a unique Steampunk convention being held in San Antonio.  Little information is available on this show as its producers have yet to respond to my interview request.  Be sure to check out their website for what details may be found there.

This month also marks the end of an era in Texas conventions.  Eckman's Toy Show will be holding its last incarnation in Live Oak after an impressive 20 year run in the same venue.  This show will offer free admission, though the promoters are asking for a $1.00 donation for The Wounded Warriors Project.  Other groups exhibiting at the show will also be seeking donations for their favorite charities.

With several shows being held each year, Eckman's represents an amazing success story of the Texas convention scene.  Sadly I attended my first such show late last year, the penultimate edition as it worked out.  I highly recommend attending this show as they say farewell to  their longtime home.  I am working to arrange an interview with this convention's creator to discuss its long history, the loss of their venue, and the plans for their relocation to New Braunfels. 

18-19 The Gray Ball (San Antonio, TX)
19 Eckman’s Toy Show (Live Oak, TX)

February offers conventions around the state that appeal to a wide variety of genre fans.  From Ushicon's anime draw to Con DFW's sci-fi and fantasy literature offerings to the next huge Sci-Fi Expo with all of its many guests.  Look for more information and interviews on these shows in the coming weeks. 

8-10 Ushicon 2013 (Round Rock, TX)
Texas Collectibles Expo (San Antonio, TX) 
9-10 Sci-Fi Expo (Irving, TX)
15-17 Con DFW XII (Addison, TX)
15-17 OwlCon XXXII (Houston, TX)

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