Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The (Long Overdue) Return of CAP-TX

 Greetings everyone in the Texas convention community.  What a ride the last eleven months have been!  This goes without saying, of course.  From convention goers to artists to organizers to vendors and everyone else who has enjoyed the convention scene in the Lone Star State over the years before and since my labor of love website was launched, everyone has felt the blow that is living in a pandemic.  

So today I have set my sights on recovery, at least of this site and my attention to the thing.  As shows begin to announce their plans for this year (and before a quarter of it is gone) I have a new determination to provide the most comprehensive listings of Texas conventions of fandom interest available anywhere.  There was I time I could accurately state that you can find all of the conventions I list somewhere, but you could not find every single one of them listed on a single sight anywhere else.

It is high time that time comes back anew!

As many know, the cancellation of 3/4 of the All-Con weekend last March hit me pretty hard.  While I am not one of the producers of this convention, it has been a massive part of my life for over 15 years.  This coupled with the uncertainty of the convention scene in 2021 in general knocked me out of the saddle for far too long.  This post is my official pronouncement of saddling up and providing the listings so many have come to rely on since this simple site was launched so many years ago.

Huge thanks to everyone who has reached out via the Convention Awareness Project - Texas Facebook page.  Your words of encouragement are one of the reasons I am returning to this and my other long-neglected personal projects (pretty much The JediCole Universe in general).  Please feel free to reach out via the Facebook page to help me stay on top of the conventions that are upcoming from mid-February through December 2021.  

Once again I will say..."You Can't Go If You Don't Know"!   How I have missed that slogan! 

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