Friday, February 1, 2013

You Can't Go If You Don't Know - February 2013 Update

It is a brand new month and like most this year it is chock full of conventions here in the Lone Star State!  If you don't want to miss out then you owe it to yourself to watch this post.  If other shows come to my attention they will be automatically added to the list, thereby altering what you might see today.  I have already had to add two shows to the February listings and that was before the end of January!  Note: All conventions mentioned below in red have links to the CAP-TX features specific to the individual show, many with organizer interviews!

So what does this second month of the new year have to offer the convention goer?  Why there is the (recently added) monthly DFW Toy & Diecast Show as well as the Texas Collectibles Expo (where I will be found next weekend, please stop by my table and say hello).  The recurring Awseome Toy Collectors Show is coming as well.  

If collectibles are not your thing there are two conventions that focus on anime, the adult anime fan Ushicon leads the monthly offerings along with GATOCon, a show that includes anime as one of its various focus themes (check their website for details on the mix), Con DFW returns for the sci-fi literary crowd, and OwlCon offers something for everyone in the realm of tabletop and roleplay gaming!  And Furry Fiesta brings together furries of every species (would that be right?) under one roof at the hotel that also plays host to All-Con and FenCon later in the year.

And of course there is C2 Venture's voluminous extravaganza of fandom, the Sci-Fi Expo!  

Individual profiles for each show (with details on location, pricing, etc.) will be forthcoming in the next few days and weeks along with interviews with the convention producers whenever possible.  Keep checking back for all the details. 

8-10 Ushicon 2013 (Round Rock, TX)
DFW Toy & Diecast Show (Arlington, TX)
Texas Collectibles Expo (San Antonio, TX) 
9-10 Sci-Fi Expo (Irving, TX)
15-17 Con DFW XII (Addison, TX)
15-17 OwlCon XXXII (Houston, TX)
16-17 GATOCon 2013 (Kingsville, TX)
17 Awesome Toy Collectors Show (Houston, TX)
22-24 Furry Fiesta 2013: Time Travelers Ball (Addison, TX)

And this is just February!!!

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